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Information for ITT Nursing Students Seeking Transfer Options

Information for ITT Nursing Students Seeking Transfer Options

Date Created:Tuesday, September 20, 2016/revised November 4, 2016

The Texas Board of Nursing at the October 27-28, 2016 Board Meeting accepted the voluntary closure of the ITT Technical Institute Associate Degree Nursing Education Program in Richardson, Texas.

Students who have completed all course work and are seeking licensure by examination:
For those students who have completed their program and are seeking licensure by examination, you can read about the application by Examination process online here.

A completed application for licensure through Exam includes the following:

  • NCLEX-RN/NCLEX-PN application and $100 fee* (Applicants with eligibility issues or those who have completed the program before June 2016 are not eligible to apply online and must mail in a paper application with the $100 fee with a statement and any relevant documents about the eligibility issue(s).  Please indicate that you are an ITT student in your application and where you were in the program at time of closure.)
  • fingerprint submission through Morphotrust USA (Not needed if the applicant has already submitted fingerprints to the Board in the past.)
  • Affidavit of Graduation or Director Affidavit if an out of state LVN/LPN applicant. To be completed by the dean/director of your nursing program AFTER you have completed the program. Texas schools must submit the Affidavit via the Web AOG website (unless the student's graduation date is over 6 months old). ***If unable to obtain an Affidavit of Graduation, ITT has entered into a contract with Parchment to obtain a transcript at this link. Please have Parchment send an official transcript by email to gayle.varnell@bon.texas.gov.
  • Registration with Pearson Vue https://portal.ncsbn.org
  • expire after 1 year
  • taking and passing the Nursing Jurisprudence Exam
  • Once a file is complete, an applicant is deemed within 10 business days of the Board receiving the last piece of required paperwork. Students can check the application status by logging on to https://www.bon.texas.gov.

Students who did not complete the nursing program:
Please refer to the list of Texas Board-approved professional nursing programs under the Education link. Each ADN nursing program will consider applications for transfer based upon criteria in their school policies to make decisions about admission and transfer of credits. Most ADN programs in the Dallas area have indicated they will accept applications from ITT students and will make decisions about admitting students on an individual basis. The following links may be useful to ITT students:
Additional Resources:
  • Department of Education website regarding school closures. https://studentaid.ed.gov/sa/repay-lones/forgiveness-cancellation/closed-school/
  • THECB's website for additional information: http://www.thecb.state.tx.us/index.cfm?objectid=704F78B0-F91A-52ED-7D812086148EF763/
  • Closed school discharge: Talking Points regarding what constitutes a “comparable program of study” for purposes of discharge eligibility.A borrower is not eligible for a closed school discharge if he or she is completing a comparable program of study at another school:

    • through a teach-out agreement with the school
    • by transferring academic credits or hours earned at the closed school to another school, or by any other comparable means.
    With respect to what constitutes a “comparable program of study” at another school:
    • The Department is responsible for interpreting the closed school discharge statutes and regulations.
    • There is no single factor that determines program comparability.
    • A number of factors may be relevant in making a determination of comparability of a program, including:
      • The academic or professional nature of the two programs;
      • The similarity in course requirements;
      • The treatment of transfer credits by the institution accepting the credits (for example: as general education credits or electives, or as credits toward completion of the core program);
      • The disposition of a state approving agency or accrediting agency on the comparability of the programs.
    • Borrowers must act in good faith and to the best of their knowledge in completing discharge application forms, including when answering the question as to whether the borrower has completed or is in the process of completing a comparable program of study. 

    Things to consider related to transfer of credits:

    • A borrower transferring into a comparable program should have an understanding from the receiving school how many credits earned at the closing school will transfer towards the receiving school’s program. 
    • The receiving school should have a publicly available statement of its transfer of credit policy which includes its criteria regarding the transfer of credit and a list of institutions with which it has articulation agreements. 
    • Borrowers should consider the number of credits that will transfer into a comparable program before choosing to transfer credits instead of applying for discharge (forgoing the discharge in order to transfer a small number of credits may not be in the borrower’s best interest.)

    Completing a comparable program “by any other comparable means”:

    • Factors that indicate a borrower is completing a comparable educational program “by any other comparable means” include, but are not limited to, the receiving school evaluating the borrower’s competencies through testing or interviews that translate to credit or steps toward completion of core credits for the comparable program.
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